A Few Goofy Headshots

What a delicious-looking hearing aid

About a month ago, my friend, Daniel Lance, and I headed out to Trinity Bellwoods Park to have a fun time and shoot some photos. I suck at being the subject of a photo shoot. I always get really tense and unnatural. I constantly feel like Ricky Bobby because I don’t know what to do with my hands.

However, Daniel made me feel really at ease and soon had me posing in a variety of fun positions. Plus, he was a true gentlemen in that he waited at least a half hour before he casually asked me to take my pants off.  Here are a couple of the photos.  More can be found at Daniel’s site, which you can go to by clicking on this. The pictures on his site are great quality too. Hope you enjoy looking at me.

Pants on, people. Pants on.

~ by djdemers on September 30, 2011.

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